What is a scarecrow trail?

And how can I take part?

A Scarecrow Trail is a great Community event for all to enjoy. You can get involved either as a Scarecrow maker or come along and follow the trail. In a Scarecrow Trail, members of the public and local businesses make scarecrows and display them during the week of the trail. The organizers provide a label or notice showing your scarecrow’s name and a clue which you display next to your scarecrow. During the week of the Trail the organizers sell “trail sheets” with a map showing where all the scarecrows are and details of a puzzle or riddle which can only be solved using the clues on the labels displayed next to or on the scarecrows. These trail sheets are returned with the answer and a vote for the scarecrow they liked best to the organizers. The organizers then count up votes for the best scarecrow and put the trail sheet into a draw for a cash prize. Our theme for 2018 is “One of a Pair” and our prizes are as follows.

For the Best Scarecrows

  • £100 first prize
  • £50 second prize
  • £25 third prize

For the Trail Prize

  • £50 prize for one lucky winner.

The Trail starts 9am on Saturday 25th May 2019 and runs until 4pm on Saturday 1st June 2019. Scarecrow entries, however, must be in by 3rd May 2019.